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    I've recently had the situation at Heathrow Airport where I couldn't get the electronic boarding card up on the screen. Both mobile data and Wi-Fi were connected and it wouldn't connect. I could see that there were loads of Wi-Fi connections available but they all needed registration or were secure.
    In desperation, I turned off the Wi-Fi on the phone and hey presto, it connected.
    Maybe I don't understand how these things should work, but to my simple mind, if it can't connect using Wi-Fi, isn't it supposed to try the mobile network? Maybe it was confused because it thought it should be able to connect? Who knows. I'm sure this sort of thing doesn't happen on iPhones.
    I've had several situations like these.

    Another is that I can hear it using a mobile data connection at home (yes, my phone interferes with the PC's speakers) and on examination the phone shows that there's a strong Wi-Fi signal (the router is under the desk) yet it says that it's disconnected it because the connection is slow. Turning off mobile data it's quite happy and very fast. It should be, I'm on Infinity2

    So I've come to the conclusion that the network switching system is rubbish and I only turn on mobile data when I leave the house. If there's any issue with getting on the net, the answer is to turn off the Wi-Fi.

    What's this all about? Does anyone else have these issues?
    09-09-2014 05:01 PM

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