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    About 6 months ago, my wife poured water on her phone, Galaxy S3 (i9300?) SCH-i535 Verizon. This was before I knew about rice, so we had dried it out, and left if off for two days, open with battery out, on the kitchen counter in the dry winter indoor air.

    After two days, the phone came on, everything that would could find worked as expected, but the battery would completely drain after 4-6 hours, which usually would have lasted her 24-30 hours. We were three months out from an upgrade, so we bought her a 4400mAh extended battery to get back to the 24 hour charge cycle, then upgraded to the S5.

    Now, my Droid4's ribbon cable appears to be broken, so I'm using the old S3 until I can get a replacement cable from Hong Kong. 10 day shipping estimate.

    My question is, are there any decent apps, or even things built into the S3's Android, that could help me see what is causing the phone to drain so fast? I assume some capacitor or chip or one of the cameras or the digitizer has an internal short, so hoping to see if a fix is possible. Or at least know what I'm dealing with. If it is cheap enough, maybe I'll replace it and let my daughter use the phone on an as-needed basis once the D4 is back.

    If this were a car, I know I could get in there with a voltmeter and hunt around for a short.

    I'm due for an upgrade too, but I just can't get over the jump from a physical QWERTY that I can type on without looking, to a buggy onscreen keyboard. Hoping the Droid 5 is a reality.
    10-28-2014 11:45 AM
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    Get a bluetooth keyboard

    AC App on SGS3
    10-28-2014 04:15 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    It's possible that something damaged the battery when it got wet. Maybe it's not really charging fully, or its capacity has been affected. The only real way to find out is to get a replacement.

    If the loss of battery life was due to software then there are apps that would help you to identify the offender. Your best bet would be to perform a Factory Reset and then not load it up with any apps - just use it 'clean' for a couple of days and see what the battery life is like - if it still only goes a few hours then it's either a battery issue or a hardware issue.

    There aren't any apps that'll help you to identify a failing hardware component - you'd need schematics for the mainboard and specialized test equipment, since it's almost all integrated circuits and surface mount components. If it turns out that the problem is not the battery or some misbehaving application you'd be better off buying a replacement mainboard from eBay.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM -0.001 using Tapatalk
    10-28-2014 05:44 PM

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