1. Kevin Wolfe1's Avatar
    My mother-in-law bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet from the Sprint store and they told her she could connect to the internet without an internet connection at home. Does the tablet have it's own hotspot it can use? I couldn't find anything on-line.
    11-22-2014 09:35 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you mean a Galaxy Tab 3? The Galaxy S3 is a phone.

    If you have a 4G enabled tablet, then it can access mobile data (3G/4G) for internet access, just like a phone can. I'm not sure it has a hotspot feature that would allow other devices to tether to the tablet for internet access over wi-fi. If it does, you'd find it under Settings>Wireless & Networks.
    11-23-2014 01:03 AM

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