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    I just bought anew 64GB micros SD card. I went on to put it in my LG G3. No problems!!

    I took the 32 GB micro SD card previously in LG G3 and then put it in my Samsung Galaxy S3. It won't recognize it. It had greyed out the "Mount SD card window under "Setting/General/Storage". Removed and re-inserted it back. The phone displayed (on status bar on top) first "Preparing SD card" followed by "unmounted SD card".

    Took this SD card back to LG G3 and it had no problems. So the SD card is okay. Took it back to Samsung Galaxy S3, same behavior. Incidentally this 32 GB card originally came from this Samsung phone. I had used it over a year with no problems! I took it out a month ago when I bought the new LG G3 phone and wanted to use to expand the storage!!

    I don't think either the Samsung phone or the SD card have issue. I feel there is something else going on.

    Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance.

    02-07-2015 09:28 PM
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    Hi Guys

    I have checked it on my Toshiba laptop that has card reader. No problems reported.

    Today I read one thread where a member said that after reformatting the card in NTFS the Samsung phone detected and mounted the card.

    No such luck in my case. I formatted the card in NTFS (full no quick formatting) and then inserted into Samsung phone. No Luck. I then formatted the card in FAT32 and went back inserting it into Samsung phone. No luck again.

    In all the instances, phone fist flashed "Preparing SD card" followed by "Unmounted SD card" messages on the status bar.

    Don't know what to do!!

    Please help.
    02-07-2015 10:13 PM

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