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    Hi, I have a couple of question about the "phone logs" on the Samsung Galaxy S3
    I want to view the "phone logs" and sort by phone number (if possible).

    Currently, I go to my home screen, tap to open the "phone " app. The phone app opens, with the key pad showing and there are 4 tabs across the top (left to right): "Keypad", "Recent". "Favorites", and "Contacts". Clicking on "Recent" displays a list of calls by date, - out going –orange arrow point to right; incoming -- green arrow point to right.

    There is no "Logs" tab and I do not find a way to display any other tabs across the top.
    QUESTION: Is the "Recent" tab the same as the "Logs" tab? Here is an instruction I found:

    to view call log list on the latest android phone Samsung Galaxy S3

    for view call log list follow the steps below--

    -->start the button of menu option.

    -->click the View by’ option.

    -->Tap over that option so that you can view all the logs by default.

    -->The log list separated as all calls, missed calls, all messages etc.

    -->Tap on either all calls or missed calls for viewing the call log list.

    -->tap the missed calls & view only the current missed calls.

    -->view all the calls made or received in your android phone through your phone by tapping the all calls.
    For reference here is the link

    I am unable to even do the first 2 steps
    -->start the button of menu option. Is this the " home screen" Which button is "menu option"?

    -->click the View by’ option. Where is this button located?

    As you can see, I need some help and information.

    Any and all help and step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.
    Also ---if I cannot, for some reason, get the above steps to work on my S3, is there a third party app that will do the job?

    Thanks for your time and help.
    02-20-2015 11:01 PM

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