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    I have a AT&T Galaxy S3 phone using T-Mobile as the provider. The phone works perfect except I cannot send a text message with an attachment. I can send a text message without one.
    04-13-2015 03:49 PM
  2. Crashdamage's Avatar
    If you send an ordinary text with no attachments and/or emoji it is sent via the voice network. If you send text with attachments and/or emoji it is sent via the internet, either through your mobile data or WiFi.

    So...do you have internet service on the phone?
    Can you send text attachments when connected to T-Mobile's data, when connected to WiFi or neither?

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-13-2015 04:18 PM
  3. vanvic's Avatar
    I have internet access. I can send an attachment with email. What does connected to TMobile data mean.
    I'm still learning how to use the phone. It's hard for old dogs to learn new tricks but I'm trying.
    04-14-2015 01:50 PM
  4. Crashdamage's Avatar
    T-Mobile data is your mobile internet connection through T-Mobile, how the phone connects to the internet when you're not on WiFi. Also called a data plan.

    You answered my first question, but not the second. Do you have an answer?

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-14-2015 02:54 PM
  5. vanvic's Avatar
    Thanks for answering me. Yes I have a T-Mobile data plan.
    04-14-2015 04:07 PM
  6. vanvic's Avatar
    Thanks for your help. Yes, I have T-Mobile data plan and can't send attachment when connected.
    04-14-2015 04:11 PM
  7. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Can you send text attachments when connected to WiFi? For that matter, do you have WiFi at home?

    If you have working WiFi and can send text attachments when connected to it but not when connected to T-Mobile data, then it's a T-Mobile problem and you should dial 611 and talk to them.

    If you can't send text attachments at all, over T-Mobile or over WiFi, then that's a different matter.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-14-2015 04:36 PM
  8. vanvic's Avatar
    I can't send attachments at all with a message using T-Mobile nor WiFi...I can with email. Yes, I do have WiFi in my house. I did call 611 and they said to do a factory reset but I would have to backup my data or I would lose it. However, I went to Best Buy where I bought the phone and the Samsung tech there said the phone would never work right because it was an AT&T phone and they should not have sold me it. Best Buy won't take it back since it is three months since I purchased it.
    04-15-2015 11:41 AM
  9. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Sorry to take so long to get back to this...

    Actually, the T-Mobile guy at 611 is probably wrong and the Samsung guy at Best Buy is probably wrong. Heck, I'm probably wrong. But I'm gonna give you my take on this situation anyway...

    The tech support meatheads just tell everyone to do a factory reset. It's the cure for everything. Except it isn't. Most of the time it just keeps them from having to spend time on real troubleshooting. Chances are a reset was a waste of time, but it's done now.

    How did you end up buying an AT&T phone from Best Buy but using it on T-Mobile? Did you pay full price for it and it came unlocked? Or did Best Buy unlock it for you? I'm just surprised you didn't buy AT&T service along with the phone.

    Along with the above, did Best Buy know when you bought it that you were going to use it on T-Mobile? And if they knew, and since they now won't take it back, then aren't they responsible for selling you a phone they knew wouldn't work for you?

    Anyway, like I said, the Samsung guy at Best Buy is probably wrong about AT&T phones on T-Mobile, they usually work fine. To check for yourself, you'll need to know the phone model and sub-model number. Then go to this site to find out if the phone will work:


    Now, back to your text attachments. If you have internet access over WiFi they should be going through that way. Try sending a text without an attachment but with some emoji characters instead. I'd like to know if that works.

    You never really said if you have working internet through T-Mobile. You said you have a data plan, and that you called 611, but not specifically if it actually works. I want to know if you can use it instead of WiFi to check email or go to websites. If it doesn't work at all let me know. If it does work then try as above, sending a text with emoji.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-15-2015 06:45 PM
  10. vanvic's Avatar
    My family kept asking me to get a smart phone but I couldn't afford one. They said they would put me on their TMobile family plan and it would cost me less than I was currently paying. I had a flip phone with TMobile but couldn't text with it. My boyfriend (80 years young) bought me the Samsung at WalMart, however, it was the wrong phone and would not work with TMobile. We got out money back at Walmart and went to Best Buy. I told them I wanted a Galaxy S3 because it was cheaper than 4 and 5 and I was going on my son's TMobile account. They didn't have one in stock so told me to go to the front desk and they would order it for me. It cost $300. When it came in, I questioned that the box said it was an AT&T phone and they (at the pickup desk) said it was okay. I went to a TMobile dealer by my son's house to have my Sim card transferred to the new phone and it activated. They said nothing about it being an AT&T phone. I'm sorry but I don't know what an emoji character is. Yes, I have a working internet on my phone. I also don't know how to tell the difference between using WiFi or TMobile to send a text. I'm sorry for my ignorance but as I said before.....it's hard for old dogs to learn new tricks. I'm just a few years from 80 myself. I will try going to the link you sent once I locate the info you said I need. Thanks again for your help!!!
    04-15-2015 08:18 PM
  11. Crashdamage's Avatar
    OK, I have a much better idea what the situation is now. I'd say for someone born before people had TVs or cars had automatic transmissions you're doing pretty well.

    But I think given your level of technical expertise, trying to long-distance troubleshoot this is gonna be just too frustrating for both of us.

    I think your best bet is to get local help, hands-on help. Go back to T-Mobile and/or Best Buy - especially Best Buy, because I really feel like this is their fault - and threaten to hang around and scare off customers until they make this right. Fix it, gimme another working phone or gimme my money back, their choice.

    Sorry I couldn't resolve the problem for you. And lotsa luck!

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-15-2015 10:04 PM
  12. Rukbat's Avatar
    Turn off Wifi. Go to Settings/Connections/More networks/Mobile networks and make sure Mobile data is checked.

    Back out to the home screen, run Internet and see if you can connect to anything (like AOL or Google). If you can't, the phone is set up for AT&T, not TMobile and, since you're on TMobile, it won't work. You could add a TMobile APN, but if the phone is fairly new (it sounds as if it is), I'd bring it back to Best Buy, ask to speak with the store manager, and tell him that they sold you the wrong phone, that they were told it was going to be used on TMobile, that they were questioned what it came in and assured you it would work - and they're wrong, so would he please replace the phone with a TMobile S3.

    If he refuses, just send a letter, receipt requested, to the CEO of Best Buy, explaining that it was the company's error and you'd like it corrected at no cost to you. (It seems as if some Best Buy store managers are making up rules by themselves. Most BB managers would be kind of embarrassed by the situation and make it right without anything more than an apology. But if you get a rogue one ...)

    If, when you do the test with Internet and it works, there's still a problem with the APN, and they should still replace the phone. When you ask for a dozen eggs, you don't expect a dozen oranges.
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    04-16-2015 01:06 AM
  13. Crashdamage's Avatar
    That's the ticket - get Best Buy to replace it with a T-Mobile version. Still, the AT&T model *should* work. It should get 3G on HSDPA Band 1900, unless the OP is in one of the few areas T-Mobile never refarmed for Band 1900.

    I was try to get the OP to send an emoji text instead of attachment because if the attachment was very large it may have been uploading on 3G so slow it gave the impression the data connection wasn't working, even if it actually was. An emoji text would test it with a very small file.

    Hopefully this ends well.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    04-16-2015 09:08 AM

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