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    I can't charge my phone via the wall charger and supplied cable. It won't recognize a connection at all. When I connect a micro usb memory stick via the same connection it will come up and recognize it. What setting do I change to access the charging capability
    04-26-2015 09:18 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Use a very strong light, a magnifying glass unless you have super good vision and a pointed wooden toothpick. Look for a short between the end contact and the one next to it (look at both ends). If pins 4 and 5 are shorted, the phone is in OTG (on the go) or USB host mode. That's why a memory stick will work (it normally won't) and charging won't. (The phone won't charg when in USB host mode.) If you don't find a tiny littl piece of dust or dirt, run the end of the toothpick gently along the space between the end contact and the next one, just to clean it out.

    If you're using an OTG cable, though, that would be the problem. You can't charge the phone through an OTG cable (and, yes, that's too bad - we should be able to), you have to use a normal cable.
    04-26-2015 07:11 PM

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