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    I thought maybe some would get a kick outta this and it just may help someone out there.... I was headed outside this weekend to clean my pool, when I received a text, slipping my phone into the back pocket of my shorts to check it when I was done... I started cleaning the pool ... it was extremely HOT and the pool very inviting so I climbed the ladder and slowly eased into the comfort of the water.... I swam around for a few relaxing when I remembered .. that text I needed to check ... since my daughter had just recently left for college. I naturally began to reach for my phone to pull it out when it hit me !! Yes ! Oh Yes !! and the water was up past my chest . I swam for the ladder, all the while removing the back and the battery while at the same time running for the house. I reached for the rice and a zip lock bag and I tossed it all in phone, battery and back. Left it for 24 hours ... took it out and placed it under a fan for another 12 hours ... put the battery in, it was dead so I place it on the charger the screen begins to flash this white battery image with a charging bolt and each time it flashed the phone done this little vibrate thing ..... hold volume button and power at the same time when the downloading os screen came on figure what did I have to lose I hit the volume up button ... do not disturb target ... hmm okay my phones Is smarter than me I wait and wait ... screw it so I pushed the down button screen flashes reboot yeah ! Wrong its hung in the loop ... around and around we go ... finally screw it I say unto plug it and put it back in the rice another 24 hours goes by ... I do it all again same thing hung in the loop .. back into the rice I do this little ritual hmmmm maybe 4 - 5 times. ... no luck ... so I watch a YouTube and read .... I was a nurse for 20 years ... so I get ready for surgery and grab my tools and away we go I remove the 8 screws and remove the mother board first and separate the rest as I learned on the video clean all the connections and put it back together and I didn't pay enough attention to the ever important volume button ... it didn't work for the down position ... apart she came again ... and it was fixed better than before .. I think to myself .. it's looking pretty good !? I go back through my ritual to no avail same **** ! Tired and mad at myself I toss it aside and go to bed. I awake and my first thought ... my phone !? So I try the whole thing again. Nope same **** when it hits me ... maybe the battery it's self is standing in my way ... but I don't have another battery the same size ? ... hmmmm i think I got my old galaxy 3 out and grabbed the battery and inspected it it was smaller with alittle larger connection area ... so what the hell I give it a try ... place the smaller battery in my phone and tear a piece of paper and fold it to prevent it from sliding around and plugged her in .... held the volume, power and home buttons at the same time when the galaxy screen flashed I released all 3 .... and would you believe it powered up ... I replaced my sims and SD card into it and plugged her back up pushed the power button .... And !? EUREKA !! BY GOD'S THE LITTLE GIRL DONE IT !! This phone and I have become soul mates ... it's till death do we ever part ! And for anyone out there that doubts Samsung OR ANDROID ? CAN GO TO HELL !! SAMSUNG ANDROIDS RULE !!! LMAO WITH MY SAMSUNG GALAXY 4 IN MY HAND TYPING OUT THIS MESSAGE TO ANDROID CENTRAL FANS EVERYWHERE ...
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    08-19-2015 02:12 AM
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    that is some sheer impressive determination to get the phone back to life. Well done for persevering with it I would have given up after the first lot of rice. Maybe your next phone should be a waterproof one :P
    08-19-2015 03:18 AM

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