1. laird1616's Avatar
    Hi, I have a Samsung S3 and I have the home page for the internet set to Google. However, when I tap the Internet app, the "originenergy" site always comes up first. I then need to go to quick access and select Google from there.

    I can find no reference to origin Energy on my phone except when I start the internet.

    Can you help me to be rid of the Origin Energy Site?

    09-06-2015 07:20 PM
  2. pvjfu's Avatar
    Try taping the 3 dots on the top right > General > Set Homepage.

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    09-06-2015 08:35 PM
  3. laird1616's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I can see that Google is correctly recorded as my Homepage. It's as if the "internet" app has an extension added to its properties that causes the Origin Energy site to auto start when the app is activated.
    09-09-2015 04:42 PM

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