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    so here is what my phone does, i can turn on my phone. i can see welcome and device names. but after its turned on i cant see my home screen nor the apps.it says "unfortunately setup wizard stoped working" and the screen is black, i know its not bricked because when in pull down the screen from top i can see all the notifications and wifi, location etc etc. but theres no home screen. everything is dark except the top bar with battery, wifi, time etc. i tried every recovery app, did hard reset wiped cache, factory reset yet its not helping. i think i stupidly deleted boatlooding files and few internal device files like home.apk, all the weather apps and clock apps, setup wizard and can't remember any more.

    please help me fix the problem as hard reset wont do anything and the phone is rooted.
    11-07-2015 01:18 PM

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