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    It randomly shut itself down last night and I keep trying to turn it back on but it freezes on the samsung page every time. Please help me! I need my phone! It's my grandad's birthday today and it's the only way I have of contacting him and later on I have to try and find my way somewhere new so need the maps app!
    02-04-2016 04:25 AM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    First thing first, boot into recovery and wipe system cache. This will not wipe any user data. Reboot and see if it boots all the way up. .

    If it still doesn't, here comes the sorta sour part. Boot back into recovery mode and do a factory reset. This will wipe all user data . You will have to set the device back up like it was new. Some things will automatically restore that's backed up with your Google account.

    If for some reason that still doesn't work, you're gonna have to flash stock firmware to the device. Use this guide for using Odin Software to reflash your device.
    02-04-2016 04:45 AM

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