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    So I can't get past the Samsung Galaxy screen on my S3 GT-I9305, I think it may be because in recovery it says it can't mount /system. So even if I am not able to fix this I would at least like to move some photos and what not to my pc. Unfortunately even after installing Kies and installing the USB drivers (apparently Kies said it did that and I can't seem to find it on Samsung website for my device) my pc doesn't detect the device, before the issue happened it was able to read the phone on an other pc. If anyone knows hot to fix the usb driver problem and also the system problem as well. I have done some research and people have said to flash with the stock firmware using odin, but if my pc can't even read it how could I possibly do that, and also, I am not too sure where I can get my phones stock firmware from (idk if thats what i even need), and im not sure how it works and all and hwo i do it using odin (im quite novice so plz help). Any help would be nice, thanks.
    04-28-2016 05:47 AM

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