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    My Samsung Galaxy S3 started having issues with charging and battery (it would charge slow. I couldnt leave it on sleep otherwise the battery would drain and the phone would turn off. Kept having to pull out the battery and put it back in to work)

    The first thing that came to my mind was get a new battery and reset the phone (it was also being slow so I thought might as well try it out)

    So I reset my phone. My phone worked for about 3 hours after the rest, it was fine. But at night when I tried booting it up it just wouldnt turn on. The next day I ordered the battery and it came a few days later. I put the new battery in and charged the phone for about 1 and a half hours. It's still dead. It just wont turn on.

    Apart from the battery issue the phone worked perfectly. Hardly ever crashed and was amazing for it's age.

    The model is a GT-19300 and it is about 4 years old so problems are a bit understandable but I'm young and I dont have a job and my family has to move house soon so now is not the best time to get a new phone.

    Anything is appreciated. I know at this point theres mostly likely no chance it will work again but just in case...
    06-22-2016 08:04 AM

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