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  1. StuartV's Avatar
    Are you sure about that one? Unless the cable is so crappy that the voltage drop is large or the cable is actually defective in some other way (missing connection, wired incorrectly), I'm not sure how that case could come up. The way most USB devices figure out if they're connected to an actual USB port or a charger is by checking to see if the data lines are shorted together. If they are then they'll draw more than 500mA of current. Otherwise they'll assume 500mA is the limit. I've used a non Samsung USB cable with the charger that came with my Galaxy 2 7" tab (another 2A charger) and it charged at the full rate.
    I'm pretty sure that it COULD. Not positive that it WOULD. But, I have read other posts (maybe on XDA?) about Samsung chargers putting a specific voltage across those data lines to signal that it's a Samsung charger. I also read something about some Samsung cables having a certain pair of pins reversed - also to allow the phone to detect if it's an authentic Samsung cable.

    That's why I suggested for people to check their charging using GCC and report back. In fact, I'll do that now, myself. I have a couple of generic USB-microUSB cables around here somewhere.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This, I have at least 2 spare generic micro USB cables to hook up my phone to my car radio and office PC. You don't need a "Samsung" cable.
    As I posted earlier. Have you confirmed with GCC that you are charging at full speed?
    06-06-2013 02:22 PM
  2. OhAlfie's Avatar
    As I posted earlier. Have you confirmed with GCC that you are charging at full speed?
    I don't care about charging speeds. All I'm concerned with is that the phone connects properly to my radio and laptop, which it does using the general cables.
    06-06-2013 02:33 PM
  3. StuartV's Avatar
    Okay, so I just tested this for myself. I used a Revive DualFLUX AC adapter.

    Amazon.com: ReVIVE Series DualFLUX AC to USB Rapid Wall Charger with 2-Port Design for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 / 7.0 / 7.7 / 8.9 / 10.1: Computers & Accessories

    And I used a USB-microUSB cable that is an old data cable from a Blackberry I had long ago (a Storm, I think).

    Using the BB cable and the Revive adapter (cable plugged into the 2x Power socket), I got 1900mA charging.

    Using the BB cable and the stock Samsung AC adapter, I also got 1900.

    So, I can't say that all generic USB cables will give full speed. But, if they don't, it must be down to being a bad cable. Not because it has to be specifically a Samsung cable.

    And, obviously, the AC adapter does not have to be a Samsung, either.

    Cool! Now I need to get a couple more of these Revive adapters. I like that they have a 2A output socket and also a 1A output socket. I will be able to charge my phone and a spare battery or my GoPro or whatever, all at the same time.
    06-06-2013 02:36 PM
  4. garublador's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure that it COULD. Not positive that it WOULD. But, I have read other posts (maybe on XDA?) about Samsung chargers putting a specific voltage across those data lines to signal that it's a Samsung charger.
    Even if that's true (which may be the case) then how could a different cable affect it? Unless the cable is actually bad, any USB certified cable would still work.
    I also read something about some Samsung cables having a certain pair of pins reversed - also to allow the phone to detect if it's an authentic Samsung cable.
    That sounds made up to me. Otherwise no one would be able to connect to their computer using a non Samsung cable (which I've done personally) and Samsung would get in trouble for putting the USB symbol on their non-standard cable. Knock-off cables get away with it by counterfeiting themselves in places where enforcement is difficult, but we're talking about Samsung, not some fly-by-night counterfeit cable manufacturing operation in China. They'd certainly be found in violation of the terms of agreement of the USB-IF trademark agreement if they used a unique pin-out but still advertized USB compatability and used the USB logo.

    USB.org - Logo Trademark Agreement License and Usage Guidelines
    06-06-2013 02:44 PM
  5. StuartV's Avatar
    Somebody (again, on XDA, I think) posted pictures today of the Samsung microUSB connector on the cable that came with their phone, and a generic one. The Samsung one literally had one pin (Pin 4?) missing.

    I don't know what the deal is, but I'm glad to find that my Revive AC adapter and BB data cable work together to charge my S4 at full speed. When I can find it, I'm going to also try the mutliple data cables I have that were for my (now gone) HP Touchpad.
    06-06-2013 03:26 PM
  6. garublador's Avatar
    Somebody (again, on XDA, I think) posted pictures today of the Samsung microUSB connector on the cable that came with their phone, and a generic one. The Samsung one literally had one pin (Pin 4?) missing.
    Pin 4 is the USB OTG ID pin. When the micro USB side of the cable is the device side (which is what you have when you plug your phone into a PC or a charger) that pin is either left floating (not connected to anything) or removed. Both are acceptable according to the USB spec. That means that the Samsung cable with pin 4 missing is functionally identical to every other USB certified cable of the same type.
    06-06-2013 03:37 PM
  7. drowhunter's Avatar
    I will say this. I am able to charge my s4 with any kind of cable.

    but the problem I am having is I tried to charge my nexus 7 with the s4 cable and the screen went all garbled
    and now the n7 is bricked and won't turn on

    don't know what to do now.
    07-01-2013 12:24 PM
  8. grandam3400's Avatar
    I just plugged in a generic USB cable and got a notification message saying "To charge faster, use the charger and cable that were provided with this phone". The phone will basically not charge with this cable, even after 5 hrs...

    I think there is def a difference in cables. My phone will charge must faster using OE charger and cable than even with my BB 3.0A car charger. I don't think the OE charger is higher than 3.0A. Now, I dont think this because Samsung cables are better (within reason), but maybe the phone has a setting inside that reduces the charging rate if the Samsung cable is not connected/detected? Seems crazy, but there are plenty of manufactures out there that do similar things. not with cell phones, but other things.

    I might try OE cable with the BB charger and see what kind of results I get.
    07-15-2013 03:39 PM
  9. garublador's Avatar
    I've charged my S4 using a Motorola cable and a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 charger and gotten the 2A charge rate.

    I read somewhere that whether or not the cable is shielded a certain way might be what the phone is trying to detect. If it's only shielded on one side the phone might be able to detect that and assume the cable sucks too much to carry 2A.
    07-15-2013 03:53 PM
  10. TravelinBri's Avatar
    My dog chewed through my USB cable and I've been using a Motorola USB cable from a previous Droid. Have noticed no issues. Even so, Amazon sells the replacement cable the Galaxy S4 for $5.99 (Amazon.com: pureCase Galaxy S4 Charger USB Data Charing Cable for Samsung Galaxy S4 White SIV S IV SIIII I9500 SC1H Charger White: Cell Phones & Accessories).

    Also, the cable and travel charger together are available for under $8 as of today (Amazon.com: Samsung OEM 2.0 Amp Travel Charger with Detachable Micro USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 II, Galaxy S3 S III, Galaxy S3 Mini & Other Smartphones: Cell Phones & Accessories).
    07-19-2013 09:18 AM
  11. richs10's Avatar
    I tried to buy the 'out of the box' white charging cable directly from Samsung using the 50% off coupon for registering the phone, but they sent a short black one instead. I called them and was told the usb cable that comes in the box with the phone is unavailable aftermarket. She didn't know why. She gave me an RMA # for the one I bought and its on its way back to Samsung for a refund. Protect those original cords, guys!
    07-19-2013 07:34 PM
  12. oldspook's Avatar
    For all of you that are saying your S4 now charges properly:

    Have you verified that your S4 is charging at FULL speed?

    If you install Galaxy Charging Current (a free app in the Play store), you can see how much actual current your phone is drawing. When I run the app and have my phone connected to the OEM charger that came with the phone, GCC shows 1900. That means it's drawing 1900 mA, or 1.9A. My phone will charge from almost dead to Full in about 2 hours when it is getting the full 1.9A.

    But, I believe the phone has logic built in to recognize when it's connected to the Samsung charger versus other sources and, while it may charge from another source, it may only draw 500mA (as from a USB port on your PC) or 1000mA, which is what most non-stock microUSB phone chargers are rated for. In those cases, it will charge only 1/2 to 1/4 as fast.

    Even using the stock charger with a non-stock cable could cause the phone to think it's hooked to a non-stock charger and then draw at the lower current rate, charging more slowly.
    Did you take into account the condition of your battery? A fully discharged battery would draw much more current than a battery that is almost fully charged. The charging current might be 1900 ma on a fully discharged battery but would be much less on when the battery is at 90% charge.

    I'm using the :Galaxy Charging current app right now. My battery is 85% charged and the app says the current is 640 ma. I'm using a cable that came with my Nexus 7 and a high speed charging port on my usb hub.
    08-24-2013 05:00 PM
  13. Arnaldur Bjarnason's Avatar
    As there are obviously people experiencing these problems, don't refute them.

    I have a similar problem. I find the supplementary ~0.9m charging cable way too short and thus I purchased an aftermarket Vivanco 1.8m cable that seemed like a more adequate length (for charging while using). The connector cost 20 bucks which is a lot, even for the very expensive Iceland, but it looks well built and has gold plated contacts (useless but doesn't hurt). Still when connected to the included charger it doesn't connect unless held at a specific angle and even so, non-reliably.

    my question is, has anyone made a similar situation work or found an alternate solution?
    09-04-2013 04:33 PM
  14. STSVA's Avatar
    After reading through this thread, the primary lesson to be learned seems to be, don't try to use crappy after-market USB cables with your phone (or anything else, for that matter). The weight of evidence appears to substantiate that good-quality cables will work fine.
    09-05-2013 09:07 AM
  15. CN7's Avatar
    After reading through this thread, the primary lesson to be learned seems to be, don't try to use crappy after-market USB cables with your phone (or anything else, for that matter). The weight of evidence appears to substantiate that good-quality cables will work fine.
    IMHO, this has nothing to do with the "quality" of the cables. It has to do with "differently made" cables.

    Here is my story:

    Bought "original" Samsung microUSB cables for S4 off of eBay. Total BS.

    The real, original cables that come with the box have a larger hole on the microUSB side, and at least on my cable, the white one that comes with the S4, it only has 4 pins, due to some funky Samsung reason, which may include what has been previously explained before. IMHO, the reason they do this though is to actually protect the device from other weirdo chargers that could damage the phone, since the S4 does in-fact quick-charge at 1900mA vs many other devices that work off of only 1000mA.

    Now, I am worried about using any cable than the original one because my cousin damaged their microUSB jack on the S4 using aftermarket cables. Think about it.. all those cable that are a "tight fit" are REALLY TIGHT. you have to push in and pull out the cable with several times the force needed to pull out the original cable. The original cable pulls out VERY easily in comparison.

    Why does this matter? Well, not only are you being forceful with the microUSB jack on the Samsung S4 by pulling the cable in and out but... lets say you drop it, the cable gets yanked on, you accidentally pull the device further than the cable length, or whatever.. When that happens, using the original cable, the cable could just pull out. On the other hand, other cables put a lot of stress on the little tiny connector inside the jack. Over time, this could kill the jack.

    Now about charging speed, I did get a Samsung "lookalike" cable (probably fake) that did in-fact charge directly from the original Samsung charger at 1900 mA. HOWEVER, in other scenarios, it didn't perform exactly the same. One example is that, using a USB cord extender, the original cable actually lost power only getting like 900 mA, while the aftermarket one got 720 mA through the same USB extension cable. I tried this several times back and forth just to make sure and all tests were identical, showing different performance for both cables.

    Why does this matter? The aftermarket cable was only 3ft, so I HAD TO use the USB cable extension (a nuisance in itself). Not only that, if I can't make sure the cable is 100% safe, I fear that over time, if my S4 isn't getting the right or consistent juice, other problems will develop. This happened with my old LG (also Korean) phone, where the screen would go all nuts until I unplugged it, a phenomena that I think ultimately damaged my phone.

    So.. What am I irate about now? I CANNOT FIND THE ORIGINAL SAMSUNG CABLES (just like the one that came in the box) FOR SALE (on their own) ANYWHERE!
    I thought I found one, but when it came in the mail, it wasn't the same one pictured in the listing! Instead of having the grooved little sheath thing that protects the connection between the actual connector and and the actual cable, it was just a smooth tube... basically, I got scammed again.

    However... One still get the original cable... HOWEVER, it must be purchased with the adapter as well (and probably directly from SAMSUNG or and authorized retailer) for the humble price of $39.99! They don't sell the cable separately on their site. Whaddaya know, even the link their tech support chat sent me was for the cable AND charger... Well...... I HAVE 3 SAMSUNG CHARGERS ALREADY. I DON'T NEED ANOTHER STINKING CHARGER. Just a simple, genuine SAMSUNG, USB cable... Just like the one that came in the box and I'll be happy thankyouverymuch.

    Oh yeah, and eBay sellers, don't send cables that don't look like the ones in the picture... And if you are selling a REAL S4 cable, go ahead and post macro pictures of the end of the microUSB connectors and call out all those other fake sellers. Thanks.

    Have a nice day people looking for official S4 cables.
    09-05-2013 09:00 PM
  16. NoMod's Avatar
    Here's the lowdown on cables and charging the S4.
    Not all cables are made alike, but for the most part, they can be interchanged, as long as you understand a few things. The facts are
    -micro USB plugs are standard in size and shape. But the wiring from one to another is not entirely standard. Some conductors are deliberately crossed or shorted. Some phones use this to recognize proprietary charging systems and to know the current and quality of the charge, and how to handle it.
    Furthermore, it's not just the quality of the cable. It's the combination of cable and charger. You will get different results by swapping wires and wall- and car-chargers.
    The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 2-amp charger and its "original brand" high-quality cable. This combination will provide optimum charging time. Most other combinations will work, up to a point. But just as a lower powered charger will take longer to power up a drained battery, so too will a different or inferior cable, which is simply not capable of carrying the full 2 amps of power, even if plugged into the Samsung charger. It has to do with pin configuration, shielding, quality of construction, etc. The length and thinness of the wire has absolutely no effect, unless we're comparing a 2-foot wire to a 200-foot one.
    There are plenty of apps that measure and display charging current. It's easy enough to see what I'm talking about. And there are lots of technical articles inn the subject omg the 'Net.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-05-2013 11:31 PM
  17. Waldo Where's Avatar
    The panoply of user experience here is proof that standards would be a good thingif properly implemented. Many manufacturers with a penchant to preserve and increase profits love corrupting standards to their own ends. Apple, HTC, Nokia are only a few of those who have taken the USB standard and then twisted it to their own purposeusually by creating a non standard device connector. Apple did this on the 4 but on the 5 used its own version of the new Thunderbolt standard which it calls Lightning (how clever.)

    Samsung is using standard USB 1.0/2.0 connectors, The standard 'A' end for connecting to a PC USB 1, 2 or 3.0 port providing 500 mA of 5V+ DC for charging. It will also fit the new Charging Downstream Port (CDP) or Dedicated Charging Port (DCP) which are high current USB 1/2 ports providing 1.5A (1500mA) of current for charging device batteries or powering high current peripherals such as HDDs and DVDs. And the standard 'B' end with a micro connector. USB device connectors can be Mini B, Micro B, Micro A or Micro A/B. (There are others)

    The difference between CDP and DCP is that the dedicated port, only charges (think wall warts) and the CDP also carries data.

    USB A connectors (1.0/2.0) have only 4 connections while the Mini B and Micro B have 5. You do the math. Some proprietary cables can implement that other connection by duplicating one of the other signals. Their device can then check for this. For what purpose I can't imagine because there can be no added functionality. Since Samsung removes the connector from its cable (permitted in the specification) there is no way it can have any significance.

    As for charging the phone standard USB ports provide 500 mA. Unless you have a new PC that provides DCP or CDP ports at 1.5A, that's all you get. Samsung also provides a wall charger which technically has a DCP but provides 2A instead of 1.5A. Therefore it can charge the phone 4 times faster (theoretically) than a PC. I have several of these chargers and most are 1 or 1.5A.

    Then why all the differing experiences? There can be only one reasonable answer: quality control. Basically you get what you pay for.

    Now all this goes out the window if you are using a cable provided by another device manufacturer. There's not much they can do with the charger if they say the cable can also be used in a PC USB port. But there as a lot they can do to the other end, including swapping the power and data connections. You don't want to plug a cable into your phone that delivers current to the data circuits.

    One good piece of news. The International Telecommunications Union has agreed to a standard for charging mobile phones. Manufacturers have agreed to standardize on the Micro USB 'B' connector for a universal charging specification. This includes energy efficient chargers. It also means we will never see USB 3.0 data transfer speeds.

    So what does this all contribute to the discussion:

    1. The Samsung S4 charging/data cable appears to be standard USB 1.0/2.0
    2. The standard battery can be charged with a current at least up to 2A.
    3. Bargain cables may not be such a bargain. (If it doesn't fit you must acquit.)
    4. It is possible that cables and chargers from other manufactures may not work and could cause damage.
    5. If a manufacturer calls their cable a data/charging cable and not a USB cable, it *may not* be a USB cable.
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    09-11-2013 10:44 PM
  18. irk hayner's Avatar
    We've been using the S2 and S4 and have been experiencing similar problems. Some cables work, some do not. Longer cables are more problematic and that could be a voltage drop issue. On both phones we have experienced a bizarre charging/docking situation in which the phone constantly re-alerts us to it's charging status, announces that it is docked over and over again, and fails to charge then seems to discharge at an alarming rate. Overheating accompanies this phenomena as well. Clean the terminal port of fuzz-crud? It does help sometimes. Replace the battery? That helped with the S2. Try different cables and blocks? Sometimes this worked-for a while. Remove recent apps? Yes that worked for a while too.
    My S4 was working like a champ until 3 days ago, the all of a sudden it started doing what my s2 did last year. My wife uses the S2 no problem, but now I have to use and external charger to stoke up the battery, and it still drains much faster than before. Here's what may be happening:
    09-18-2013 03:20 PM
  19. Bill Anon's Avatar
    Not to say those of you commenting on this thread are not helpful (and it appears this is my first time commenting here, but I was here reading and researching this same question) but I would be willing to bet many of you commenting did not do your homework.
    The "MicroUSB" connector Samsung put on the Galaxy S4 is an 11 pin connector, not 5 pin. Look closely, the other pins are in there.
    The short answer here is:
    ANY MicroUSB cable (that fits) can be used for charging the S4 (although as many of you report, quite poorly).
    The long answer is:
    The problem can be explained by reading the content of the thread at How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV with HDMI.
    Appearances can be deceiving.
    09-20-2013 03:49 PM
  20. baribal_cristian's Avatar
    I bought an MHL 2.0 HDTV adapter (original Samsung, made in Korea) and the micro USB connector is fitting only half in my S4 mini Duos. Cannot be used.
    On Samsung site they are saying that these two things are compatible, but are not.
    As you see in the photo, the 2 connectors are slightly different.
    Does anybody else have this problem?
    Attached Thumbnails Samsung S4's Micro USB to Standard USB cable-micro-usb-2.jpg  
    09-22-2013 04:50 AM
  21. motor162's Avatar
    The S4 requires a 2 amp charging circuit and will actually show an error message if you use the standard black Samsung S3 charger and cable which runs at 1 amp or less. Some of the Samsung chargers actually say .750a output. Definitely a big difference on charging time using the 2a white charger. Most of the early USB chargers were all 1a rated output. The will work, it just takes a long time to charge.
    10-06-2013 04:13 AM
  22. LenC01's Avatar
    You can use a standard non Samsung micro USB cable. I have an S4 and I use my charger from blackberry to charge. No problem!
    11-01-2013 08:56 AM
  23. DavidE1's Avatar
    I probably should have looked for this kind of thread first, but I ordered some Samsung APCBU10BBE Micro-USB Charge & Sync Data Cable OEM cables on Ebay (eBay item number: 140926650275) since I figured they'd be decent quality over generic and that USB to micro usb would be standard..... Maybe not. I don't own a Samsung device and bought them mainly to use with a Google Nexus 7 (2013), ASUS MeMo Pad HD7, blue tooth ear sets, maybe to hook up a TomTom GPS to my computer etc....

    No big loss at $2.79 for two shipped, but anyone know if these could harm any of my listed devices?

    11-01-2013 05:25 PM
  24. newuser234's Avatar
    I tried these steps mentioned by "shertan" with a micro usb that wasn't working. After powering off the phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 recognized the cord as a charging device. The phone also charged fine with the original samsung charger.
    11-18-2013 11:39 PM
  25. Mark M 3000's Avatar
    I've always just used standard cables and a generic multiport charger that I've had for some years with my S4. Don't think I've even unpacked the original charger and cable, it's still in the box the phone came in.

    My attitude is, if it says "USB" on the box, then it better be USB or it goes back to shop for not being what was advertised. At least in this country (Australia) it's a legal right to return something for a refund if it doesn't do what was advertised when it was sold, and I'm happy to be quite pedantic about that.
    12-06-2013 12:46 AM
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