1. Bratislav Predic's Avatar
    I have a very specific problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and S-View Flip Cover. Before asking I have searched around different forums and it looks like they just overlooked this very specific functionality.
    I have bluetooth handsfree connected to the phone and it works just fine for receiving calls. The problem is when using handsfree with voice dialing. I can start voice dialing from the handsfree OK and I hear instructions and start talking but get interrupted by too short timeout and voice dialing gets interrupted. This small screen timeout is about 5-7 seconds and seems fixed. I cannot change it from any settings menu. This makes handsfree voice dialing when phone has S-View Flip Cover virtually impossible.

    Is there any solution to this, somehow to change small screen timeout when handset has S-View Flip Cover?
    04-24-2014 03:02 PM

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