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    I've been browsing thru the threads regarding cases but haven't seen too many talk about reception problems and cases. Since I've had my s4 I've noticed the reception at our house and sometimes out and about is just about nil which of course drove me nuts. I googled s4 reception problems and found some people talking about cases causing the problem. I took my case off (it's a cheapy, blingy fake chrome look) and voila, the reception improved dramatically. Now I'm walking around with no case and afraid if I drop it I'm up the creek. I'm wondering if anyone else had/has a similar problem and what cases you have found don't cause a problem. I don't want anything big and bulky and would really like something shiny, glittery (yeah, I know...but it's a girl thing, lol). Not interested in an otter box, they're too big. Also, don't want to spend say over 30 bucks and even that seems way too much, I really loved my 5 dollar case.
    Hoping that people who live in sketchy reception areas can point me in the right direction. We get service at home but the tower is 4 miles away so it's not great but usable, especially without a case. Maybe there is a case that is easily removable?
    Thanks in advance!
    08-07-2014 09:03 AM
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    I [] would really like something shiny, glittery
    There's your problem! "Something shiny, glittery" usually means something with metal in it (like chrome). That turns the case into a 'Faraday cage' inhibiting sending and receiving signals.
    So get a shock-absorbing silicone or other plastic case, without metal components, and your reception will improve dramatically while your phone is at the same time protected against bumps and falls.
    08-07-2014 09:29 AM
  3. anon(650461)'s Avatar
    Thanks so maybe I can find a plastic/rubbery one that's still "pretty", lol. The case I have isn't necessarily metal, it doesn't feel like it, I would say it's plastic with a chrome like coating (like some sort of vinyl or paper if that's possible?). I couldn't believe the difference when I took it off though. Thought I'd post and see what others use....
    08-07-2014 10:00 AM
  4. anon(650461)'s Avatar
    08-12-2014 06:11 PM

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