1. ruby_slippers's Avatar
    Had the phone for less than a month but just over AT&T's 14-day swap out period and now my display doesn't turn on. I take good care of my phones & had used it just fine about 15 minutes prior to discovering it no longer worked properly. If I restart it, it plays the start up jingle & the LED turns on but the screen remains black. My phone rings if someone calls but I cannot answer.

    In-store & online LiveSupport were both unhelpful in trying to fix it. This means I get a "like new" replacement.
    07-19-2013 09:25 PM
  2. mikeysmikey's Avatar
    You might be past the exchange period but that phone has a warranty regardless, provided you bought it new from AT&T. Hopefully you haven't rooted it and flashed a rom or something on it, because without a functional screen you have no way of knowing if you're unrooting and getting it back to pure stock.

    My advice: take a chance and take it back to the store from which it was purchased.
    07-20-2013 10:00 AM

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