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    I have had my Galaxy S4 Active for less than 2 months. I watched the Samsung commerical showing it getting wet, being dropped, etc...

    I am not hard on my phones. I do technical support for a very large corporation. I have a Blackberry Torch, 2 iPhones and now the Galaxy S4 Active. I have never had to have ANY of my devices replaced for physical damage, EVER. Two weeks ago I took my dog out for 45 minutes in 40 degree weather. I plugged the phone in to charge in a 70 degree house. The phone gets very hot when charging. When I woke up the next morning the glass on the phone was cracked. It was NOT physically dropped or damaged (but it is supposed to be the "whatever" phone so I should have been able to drop it without it breaking anyway. Just like the Samsung commercial). The other issue is the rubber flap that helps make it waterproof broke off in the first 2 weeks. I also have 3 batteries because as soon as I take it off the charger to use it loses its charge within an hour, and had to be plugged back in to charge.

    I called Samsung to see if the phone could be replaced under their warranty. I explained what happened, and this was the response..."What do you think happens when you take glass from cold to hot?" I was also told this is a KNOWN issue. The glass on the Galaxy S4 Active is THINNER to be able to house all the extra stuff inside. Because the glass is thinner than other smart phones it CAN crack when going from cold to hot. I asked to speak to someone higher up and was told everyone would tell me the same thing...too bad, so sad. They redirected me to AT&T for replacement (if I had purchased a service contract with AT&T), and stated the broken glass was NOT a warranty item thru Samsung because I could not PROVE it was not physically damaged.

    They would replace or repair the rubber (waterproofing) flap that broke off 2 weeks after I purchased the phone. The battery life is also a known issue, and they are "working" on it...How about "working" on these types of issues PRIOR to release. Better yet, how about backing up the warranty on a device for known issues such as thinner glass cracking when going from cold to warm?

    The phone has great features, but the construction of this phone was poorly planned or I just have a lemon. I am VERY disappointed in the device, and I am VERY disappointed how Samsung's support line handled the issues. So if you are looking for a phone that is durable don't count on it being the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active "Whatever" device...pick something else or purchase a service plan with your carrier.
    10-25-2013 02:05 PM

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