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    I'm actually asking this for a friend of mine who has a Galaxy S4 (I have the Note II), but he's not on this forum and is still struggling breaking the chains of the Apple Universe.

    He created a video file he's trying to send and he can't get it to send via email, text or anything. I assumed it was a large file, but it's not. (see the image below). I'm puzzled because of the file format...I'm not familiar with the .3gp format...and you see how small the file is...so I know that can't be it. But still, his phone is telling him it's too big. I sent an 18 mb video file to myself (mp4 format), so I know it can be done. As you see, his file isn't even 1 mb!

    Any ideas would be appreciated!


    Samsung Galaxy S3 Active - Video File too Large?-joshs-phone.jpg
    11-26-2013 12:51 AM

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