1. astro21's Avatar
    Pretty self explanitory. Its an AT&T branded 3 month old phone. When I brought it in, they tried a bunch of things that never worked. And then when they removed the battery and restarted the MMS worked fine. After I left, the MMS stopped working within 20 minutes. I didnt bother going back since they wouldnt know. Since then, eevertime I recieve an MMS I have to pull the battery out to recieve it. Sometimes that doesnt even work. When Im trying to send one, it tries for ~30 minutes and then tells me it failed. When Im receiving, it usually tells me failure after 5 minutes. Ive searched online and the only thing possibly related has to do with coming from iPhones. Some people say you need to login to Apple and remove your device from their list but I havent seen anything close to this in the Apple site or even when I reinstalled itunes just to check this. I had an iPhone 3gs when they were new and have had 3 phones since so this wouldnt be recent. I think this could be relative because my last couple phones didnt recieve MMS but gave me a URL text link instead. So yeah Im completely stumped here. Any suggestions would be great! Ive also already tried turning Wifi off and on and mobile data off and on and no combination works. I also already tried the other suggestion here of disabling Hangouts.
    01-03-2014 09:00 PM
  2. john905r's Avatar
    have you tried to reset your phone. i had this problem too. a reset solved this problem.
    01-06-2014 02:32 PM

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