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    Hello everyone. I am a newbie to. SAMSUNG and the Galaxy S4 Active (choose the S4 Active over the regular S4). When I made this choice, I didn't realize how limited the market there was for accessories, especially extended batteries.

    I purchased off of eBay a New 3500mAh TQTHL A+ Extended Slim NFC Battery + AC/USB Charger
    For Samsung Galaxy S4 Active i9295 I537 (AT&T) and wanted feedback -- paid $21.30 with free shipping.

    I have purchased items from Seidio and wish they, as well as Morphie had extended an extended slim battery for the S4 Active. I had also liked Mugen Power's batteries, but didn't feel like I needed a 5500 or higher milliamp battery.

    Being new to the Android Market, and the Samsung Smartphone, and coming from BlackBerry, I'd like your thoughts.

    Thank you for your feedback.....


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    03-15-2014 04:06 PM

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