1. vanderbro's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I have tried to search for answers to my question but couldn't find anything.

    With my s4 active I have a problem with callers on the other end of the line hearing an echo of themselves. Have tried all the noise reducing options on the phone menu but still have the same problem. I have a silicone cover on the the phone however this makes no difference whether it's on or not. The only thing that stops it is if I remove the back cover of the phone, as soon as I remove that the echo disappears.

    Wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    03-31-2014 11:59 PM
  2. Tackinout's Avatar
    Mine had the same problem. S4 Active... I9295
    It's a microphone problem. Local repair center (non-warranty) replaced microphone and problem was solved.
    This seems to be a common problem with the Samsung phones. I see complaints about other Samsung phone models with same problem.
    None of the tech sites are talking about it... Like the crazy old aunt in the attic, they know it's there, but nobody is talking about it.
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    04-11-2014 11:00 AM
  3. Irfaan Sulaiman's Avatar
    I have a problem where I hear my own voice echo in certain calls, how do I stop this?

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-02-2014 12:05 PM

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