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    I bought the new S4 Active in Abu Dhabi/UAE in November 2013. My partner also bought the same phone. I loved it! As a scuba diving instructor it was perfect for me and I recommended it to many of my students who also ended up buying the device. Two months later I my charging port did not close, although I have done nothing unusual to the device other than plug in the charger given to me with the phone. Although I have not tested it, I assume it is no longer waterproof, the main reason I bought the phone in the first place. Having then moved to the UK I called customer service who, one 3 separate occasions told me that they would service the device. When it came to sending the phone off they rescinded their offer and told me as I bought the phone in Abu Dhabi/UAE I would have to get it fixed there. I contacted Abu Dhabi/UAE and they advised that I would have to bring the device, in person, to Abu Dhabi. This would cost me as much as the phone and as I am sure you appreciate is not therefore a reasonable solution to this issue. Since this another issue has developed, there is no sound on calls I make or receive and the person I am calling can not hear me. The waterproof issue was really disappointing, the call issue is unacceptable. Please advise who I can contact to get this issue resolved. My phone is not even a year old. Samsung have done a fantastic job on the S4 Active and I hope they can do a similarly great job on resolving issues their customers have. Look forward to your advice!
    04-06-2014 11:26 AM

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