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    I did some searching and did not find something that was something near of what I have.
    a couple weeks ago I noticed my phone saying "custom" but I never rooted my phone at all so I called AT&T and told them and they gave me the shrug and so I was like okay whatever. This weekend 4/11/2014 - 4/13/2014 I went out camping/paintballing and I noticed my phone wasn't charging, so I turned it off and decided just to charge it while it was off and it kept doing this thing where it would show the battery symbol with a circle in the middle and then black out and show the battery charging and the restart the process. My friends told me just to let the phone die and it'll charge again so I did and it started charging again. Now its doing the something and letting it die isn't working anymore.

    I did not take it out when I was playing paintball and it was only in the tent or in the car. I already tried resetting the phone and it did not work.

    Im going to take it to atnt and see what theyll tell us

    (side note anyone that is near texas and plays paintball big event is in nov. Events | Viper Paintball)

    update 1: Now its only showing a battery symbol with a white circle in it
    update 2: after an hour it started doing it again
    04-13-2014 10:10 PM
  2. greentooth12's Avatar
    This is obv. that no one is able to help but it doesn't matter I have sent my phone into samsung to get it repaired
    04-19-2014 03:46 AM

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