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    Checking out a new ATT unlocked SG4A with v4.3 stock ATT software I537UCUBML2

    It correctly located the 444 MB System Update to v4.4.2 I537UCUCNE3 but once it reboots and starts to run Update, it stops at 29 pct with an Update Error, restarts again and just resumes back to stock 4.3 I537UCUBML2

    Phone is not rooted and has original ATT image.

    I do have the 444 MB update.zip sitting on a microSD card, so I could try to run stock recovery. Just not sure if that will cause some other problem as the phone is still under full warranty. No mods have been done to it, scratching head over why the standard update fails, have tried it now 3 times and get the ATT update via WIFI and then it dies right at the 29 percent mark.
    07-13-2014 04:19 PM

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