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    1) Kies 3 (v3.2.14083_17)
    2) Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Issue Background:
    • Attempts to perform backup, with S Memo only selected, failed to backup the 15-20 memos I have.
    • Only after the 'Select All" box was checked did the backup include the memos I had entered.
    • Attempts to convert two memos, which uses the voice-record function, failed to convert to any known format for playback in a standard player.
    • Attempts to restore a specific memo failed because the .snb file type was not listed in the available file types.

    • If the backup occurrs, why can't individual memos be restored?
    • If the backup fails when selecting ONLY S Memo because it doesn't actually save anything, what is the purpose of having the option to save or not?
    • Is there any option that will save the voice S Memo entry to a format that can be played back via a standard MP3 type format?
    • This is medical information that must be handed over during care giver dialog; therefore very important. What options are there that will permit the recording, saving to PC or Network drive, restoring and playback of recordings when needed?

    I appreciate anyone that can help in this matter. The information contained in my S-Memo applications are critical for a clear communication of events for a patient that is under care for a chronic condition. If S Memo is not the approach, or an application that really doesn't do what is intended purpose is, please suggest another approach. This goes for Kies 3 as well. This application appears to be very limited in its ability to actually do anything worth doing, such as backing up the device, then doing a restore of individual items when the need arises.

    Again, thank you for your time and help in this matter.
    11-10-2014 03:28 PM

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