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    I am new to this forum and Im really here for a friend at work. This friend is an older gentleman and he is relatively new to smartphones but I will say he has been a quick learner...
    OK, now to the reason I am here. My friend. Ill call him "John" has a Galaxy 4. I myself am a iPhone user. But anyways, he has been texting a lady friend and apparently during some of their conversations some things were admitted to by the lady friend that could break her probation and the lady was kinda sketchy about it. Meaning she was saying that she didnt want to keep talking about whatever they were talking about.
    Now my friend, John is the kind of guy who likes to keep info and doesnt like to delete any conversations. He claims that 2-3 days ago this text conversation just magically got deleted. He claims that he did NOT delete it. So he was asking me if it would be possible for someone to get into his account remotely and delete this conversation? I said that I didnt know but I wouldn't mind trying to find out for him.
    So the question is, can someone remotely log in/hack into a Galaxy 4 and delete text conversations?
    Thanks and sorry for the long backstory.
    07-27-2015 11:11 PM
  2. Checksum47's Avatar
    Im not asking how to do it... Just if its even possible. I know its extremely easy for hackers to get into an Android/Galaxy phone and infect it with a virus or malware. Thats why I think it is possible.
    07-29-2015 05:08 PM

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