06-04-2013 09:57 AM
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    Solid build?

    I see those mentioned issues all the time from friends and people at work. It's always an issue with their phones and let's not even go there about their God awful battery life after 6 months to a year.

    HTC has build quality issues, meanwhile Samsung has really great build quality but people always ignore it because the phone is plastic.

    Half these idiots don't even understand that plastic has nothing to do with build quality.

    And why is Samsung the only company that gets talked about negatively about plastic?

    EVERY phone maker has used it.

    Nokia still does Lg does, yet when Samsung does it it's suddenly a problem?

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    1) I certainly won't debate HTC's battery issues, we agree on that one.

    2) I'm quite competent enough to comprehend the difference between build quality vs. materials. I've been one to defend Samsung in most threads for all the dimwits crying about the build quality before the device was even released.

    3) Plastic is cheap. That's why Samsung receives the negativity. They make a good product, and they invest an incredible amount of time creating their TouchWiz universe, so it feels as though Sammy just tries to skate by with using plastic, IMO. And of course plastic does have it's advantages, I'm certainly not debating that. But in this day and age, the top dollar superphones are using top dollar materials. Anything less is seen as a lack of effort.

    3.5) To summarize point #3, I'm merely making the case that Samsung is held to a higher standard, and that's why this plastic has become an issue. They make the best selling Android device of all time, they created a vast, unique software experience, but then they wrap their toy in low quality material.

    4) The topic of the thread was comparing the devices. As I stated, I do not intend to purchase either. I gave my opinions on which device was more valuable and worth more. So, again, take away all the software perks, and I'm saying the device crafted from metal, with that LCD3 display and those audio components, is worth more than Samsung's offering. Samsung has the better camera, and they offer additional storage via microSD, but, IMO, the display is a notch worse, and it's made from a lesser substance than the HTC One.

    The thread is all about opinions and the need of the user. I gave my relatively unbiased views on the matter.
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    06-03-2013 11:50 AM
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    HTC has had some pretty bad build quality for a while now.
    Evo, evo 3d, evo shift, one X, one s, Rezound, droid incredible, etc.

    All those phones had build quality issues.

    It's too early to tell with the one, it's only been out for a moment, but a broke company like htc, i can see them having build quality materials.

    I'm just curious, what about htc build quality do you like?

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    Durability and batches of flawed build quality from HTC was only in a few products compared to their entire phone catalog.

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    06-03-2013 11:17 PM
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    LTE IS 4G.

    You basically said "htc had decided not to include 1700 antennas for 4G...just for 4G"

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    In areas where tmobile doesn't have LTE, with this phone you are stuck on edge.

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    He means this Hustleman... You won't connect to T-mobiles 4G (A.K.A. 3G HSPA) with this phone. He isn't talking about the 4G LTE of Tmobile.

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    06-04-2013 09:57 AM
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