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    I am confused. Has there been a direct port yet from the Google edition s4 to the AT&T edition S 4? I know the current international version has one but I don't believe it will work with the AT&T US version. Am I wrong?

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    07-02-2013 05:32 PM
  2. Droid4Core's Avatar
    Actually yes their is a port. The i9505 was the first but now the i9337 and the rest have them to. I won't go into details unless you need help because an in depth tutorial can be found here. Note: if on Att flash loki-doki after installation of ROM. You can pick 4.2.2 ge or 4.3 ge. 4.3 has no root at the moment. Enjoy and best of luck. http://galaxys4root.com/t-mobile-gal...for-galaxy-s4/

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    07-05-2013 12:38 AM

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