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    hey everyone, maybe you can help me with this problem (sorry if it has already been asked before, couldn't find anything though).

    So on my old Droid X.... I could select a video from youtube and play it through my headphones. However, I also had the ability to make the screen go dark after the video started playing. This allowed me to slip the phone into my pocket and kept me from accidentally pausing or changing the volume on the song.

    Now, with my NEW Galaxy S4, I don't seem to have that ability. When I play a song on youtube, it seems that I must leave the screen awake and put the phone somewhere where it won't be accidentally touched/disturbed. If I slip it into my pocket as it is, the phone will pause or exit repeatedly from detecting the motion of my thigh against the screen. There IS a screen lock/screen sleep button, but when I press it, the youtube player will be closed and my song will cut off.

    Is there a solution? I want to pick a song, start playing it, then press a button to make the screen locked until I manually unlock it again. However, I want the music to continue playing as the screen stays locked.

    Thanks in advance!


    07-30-2013 01:39 PM

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