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    Hello, I've both called and talk to techs from samsung about my galaxy s4 not installing the MTP Device. I'm running Windows 7 home premium. I'm using the same USB cord that came with the device. So far the problem solving I have done is Installed the USB drivers manually, Installed Kies, Uninstalled both and did a registery clean on 2 different programs (CC Cleaner and Auslogic) Restarted the computer and reinstalled with another restart afterwords. I've done soft resets to the phone as well as cache wipes. I also put it into USB debugging mode for it to install the other 2 drivers. But the issue I'm having is that Windows (The amazing OS it is) keeps giving me an error "The system cannot find the path specified" when trying to install the MTP Driver via windows updates. As I said it works for the other 2 drivers, just not the MTP. Anyone out there know how to problem solve this issue?
    08-18-2013 11:05 AM

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