1. Nikole Gregory's Avatar
    Randomly for the last week or so this widget will not go away! It's only on the lock screen. Random, because I never listen to music on my phone. I don't even have any songs on it. It's almost like there are two screen pages on the lock screen, somehow this one is set as default. Because if I slide it to the right, the clock shows up.

    I've read another thead and tried disabling the music application...it didn't work. I'm not even sure which app causes this.

    It has the option to click "pause" on it... yet there is no music playing. What do I do??
    Attached Thumbnails please help, lock screen media player will not go away!-screenshot_2013-09-04-11-42-54.jpg  
    09-04-2013 11:09 AM
  2. jd914's Avatar
    Go to apps and force stop Google play music. See if that does the trick.

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    09-04-2013 04:30 PM
  3. planoman's Avatar
    Do you have a regular S4 or Google Play edition S4?

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    09-05-2013 07:54 AM
  4. Nikole Gregory's Avatar
    The regular s4
    09-05-2013 09:38 PM
  5. Nikole Gregory's Avatar
    I posted a reply. Not sure where it went. I don't even use my phone for music. I disabled Samsung music and Google music and the screen still shows. It comes and goes sporadically I don't understand it
    09-05-2013 09:40 PM
  6. planoman's Avatar
    You may get more responses by posting the the general S4 forum. The google edition S4 does not have the same version of android or the same media player.
    09-07-2013 09:35 AM

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