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    Hi guys,
    Well there is just one more thing about my new Galaxy S4 (AT&T) that is really irritating me and I wonder if anyone knows how to fix it. It's the stupid email app that always wants to tell me I have new emails when it just went and loaded old emails to the end of the list of messages. These are emails I read days ago and they show up at the bottom of the list as unread. I guess it must always have 25 messages showing so if I delete some new messages that came in, this pushes some of my old already read messages off of the bottom of the list, then my phone tells me it has new messages for me to rear because these messages fill in from the bottom as unread messages. This is pissing me off! Why doesn't it know that those messages have already been read? Once a message rolls off the end of the list it's as if it doesn't know that the message ever existed so it shows up as a new message.
    What's more is if I accidentally scroll down to the bottom of the list and go just a little past the bottom message it will start to load another 25 messages, that's even more irritating! This "feature" makes it impossible for me to know if I really have new unread messages or if it just loaded some old messages and marked them as new again. HELP!

    Sorry for posting this in the wrong area. I reposted it in the Galaxy S4 AT&T Edition forum instead. My bad! [BOX][/BOX]
    10-15-2013 04:25 PM

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