02-14-2014 12:57 PM
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  1. JoeMcJoe's Avatar
    Play Music can now store mp3s to the SD card, its an option in that apps menu. There is something.
    12-05-2013 07:29 PM
  2. jonnyships's Avatar
    Yup, that what gave me the idea to look in the Android folder on my sdcard. Looks like one got put there with all the apps with the EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

    I haven't tried any other file explorers, only FX but it should work with any app. I tried with PocketCast, doesn't work with them. Maybe it requires another permission that FX has but PocketCast doesn't?
    12-06-2013 11:07 AM
  3. Google_Superuser's Avatar
    Play Music can now store mp3s to the SD card, its an option in that apps menu. There is something.
    I'm pretty happy about this since it's basically the only reason I need an SDcard on my phone.
    12-06-2013 11:54 AM
  4. journeyman63's Avatar
    Ok I fixed it. In the end I had to factory reset my phone. After that was done my phone booted up and showed this error again. However once I've set up my account and waited until all apps have downloaded and restored I rebooted my phone and the problem seem to have disappeared. It's still a little laggy on the start up but not as bad as it was before factory reset.
    I was having the same problem and was able to fix it using the same method you note here. Thanks for the post on your experience. It was of great help!
    12-24-2013 10:15 AM
  5. John Cunningham3's Avatar
    False alarm ir blaster works. Samsung just switched it over to the new kit kat api and removed support for their old touchwiz specific implementation.

    how did you get the IR Blaster to work??
    01-02-2014 12:39 PM
  6. countjothula's Avatar
    Dang. I'm experiencing the same. Got ota update and now I can't even edit files or save anything to sd. Hoping for a fix quickly.
    02-14-2014 12:57 PM
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