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    Hi there,

    I recently left my phone in the roof of my car (stupid, I know!) and it flew off at about 80kmh/50mph, landing in the road. Naturally, I thought my phone would be almost beyond recognition, but it withstood it well, only cracking the bottom right side of the screen. The thing that caused it to crack was the fact it landed on the road on the direct bottom of my phone (exactly where my case didn't cover, typical) and has quite badly damaged the silver bezel along the bottom, pushing it into the glass.

    Now I'm aware that I can fix the glass rather easily as the screen still works normally, but my question is, does anyone know how to replace the silver frame, or if it's even doable/worth it?

    I have a picture of it, but don't think I can upload it...

    Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
    02-06-2014 04:28 PM
  2. ArthurVandelay0's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same problem as you, although I dropped mine from a table to a hardwood floor, which then landed on its top left corner and cracked the chrome bezel and the glass.

    From all the research I've done, it is possible only to replace the glass but there are some issues with taking the broken glass off without damaging the digitizer and LCD display which are all glued together. The process I've seen on YouTube requires heat applied directly onto the glass to soften the glue, but too much heat damages the LCD and the motherboard behind it.

    I also talked to a Samsung Service Tech guy who told me that they never change only the glass, as it's a waste of time, since only changing the glass usually damages the LCD attached to it. He said that their service manuals state that the whole front bezel, glass, digitizer and LCD need to be replaced even if the touch sensor still works, as this type of repair is faster (and more expensive in my opinion), but he added that they still sell the glass only as a repair part... which I personally find very weird.

    In your case, I’ve seen several chrome bezels in eBay going for around $10 bucks, and from the YouTube videos I’ve seen; it’s a really easy fix.
    02-10-2014 09:59 AM

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