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    I have recently bought Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android version 4.2.2). I have switched to this phone after I abandoned my old Blackberry. I am very particular about receiving emails on time because it effects my business.

    Issue 1: This is regarding my Enterprise emails (Business Email) which I have bought from Go Daddy. I am using the Email app, available as default, to Sync my 5 email accounts. I have fixed the Sync Schedule as 15 min. and Peak Schedule as 5 min. I am not receiving emails as soon as they come and I have to refresh every time to receive them. Also, I do not understand clearly the terms- ‘Sync Schedule’ and ‘Peak Schedule’.

    1. What should I do to receive the emails as soon as they arrive, like I used to receive on my old Blackberry?
    2. Should I switch over to a different email app.? Please suggest a better business/ enterprise email application.

    Issue No. 2: This is regarding System Update. I keep receiving a notification for ‘System Update’ every now and then though I have already updated once. Moreover, it turns out to be painful when it deletes my already configured email accounts after the update is installed. I have to start afresh and configure them all again.

    1. What is this ‘System Update’? Is it anyway helpful?
    2. How should I disable it, if not helpful?

    Please advise ASAP. I am stuck with this phone.
    02-24-2014 11:50 PM

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