1. Robin Elizabeth's Avatar
    I took a picture this morning and instead of getting a picture I got this. As you can see at the bottom the picture is there but when you click on it, it's just the lines. I just got this phone a couple days ago want to know if this was a fluke or a major issue.

    (I tried to upload the pic but it wouldn't let me so here is a link to it on google plus)

    04-07-2014 08:24 AM
  2. lavr12's Avatar
    Did you ever find out a fix to get those pictures back? I have the same exact problem right now.
    05-09-2014 10:03 PM
  3. Remus Lupin's Avatar
    Did either of you manage to fix it?? I'm having the same problem at the moment xx
    05-15-2014 06:41 AM

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