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    my s4 i9505 is a 1 year 7 months old, 3 months ago i bought a new original battery coz there was a swelling in old one but device's charge (when iam connecting to internet by 3g) finish after 5 or 6 hours, is it normal or what should i do, iam always carrying my charger beside me , i am always put airplane mode to save battery ... thanks
    battery drainig-screenshot_2015-06-11-13-01-53.jpgbattery drainig-screenshot_2015-06-11-13-02-19.jpg
    06-11-2015 06:04 AM
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    my s4 i9505 is a 1 year 7 months old, 3 months ago i bought a new original battery coz there was a swelling in old one but device's charge (when iam connecting to internet by 3g) finish after 5 or 6 hours, is it normal or what should i do, iam always carrying my charger beside me , i am always put airplane mode to save battery ... thanks
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    You're Google Play Services seems unusually high.

    Install GSam battery monitor from the Play Store, and let it run for a day or two. That will likely tell you exactly what is draining your battery.
    06-11-2015 06:13 AM
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    Thanks .. i'll try it
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    06-11-2015 06:52 AM
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    For t remainder of this post, I will use t following abbreviations: 1) TR-time it takes to recharge t battery 2) TD-time it takes to deplete t battery 3) tq-technique

    There are several well known tqs to reduce recharging time & increase time battery charge lasts. I will list nine techniques here.

    But I recently discovered a beautiful new technique (Black Home Screen) that works extremely well. In my opinion, T last three tqs are magnificent - much better than t first six.

    Tqs 1 thru 6 help to increase TD. Tqs 7 & 8 help to decrease TR. Tq 9 helps with both.

    1) Power Saving Mode. I was disappointed to learn this does not seem to have a major impact on either of t above times. In my opinion, it's not very good.

    2) Brightness Level - Turn this down as much as you can stand it. Use Auto Brightness if possible. Sadly, I find Auto Brightness to be quite unpredictable and I don't use it.

    3) Set Screen Timeout as low as you can stand it. I keep mine it at 30 seconds.

    4) Turn off Mobile Data and Wi-Fi when not using them because they often download and install stuff in t background without notifying you and that uses t battery. If you have to pay for Mobile Data, consider turning it off and using WiFi instead. Use Mobile Data only when necessary (like there is no Wi-Fi available).

    5) If you don't need it, turn off all that sound and vibration stuff when using an on-screen keyboard or tapping something because it drains t battery.

    In addition to t above five common tqs, I also use t following 4 tqs, which I find provide excellent results. In my opinion, t following 4 tqs are worth much, much more than t first 6 tqs.

    6) Turn off Synchronization in all your apps that use it - especially things like Email or Weather. Just synchronize manually once a day or whenever you go to check your email or the weather.

    7) Recharging from electrical Socket - when recharging my battery, I plug t charger into an electrical socket instead of a USB socket. I find this makes a very big improvement. Really big! It seems to reduce TR by as much as perhaps one third and I find that to be absolutely wonderful.

    8) Power Off when Recharging - when recharging my phone, I turn t power off (instead of just leaving it on t lock screen). I find this makes a very big difference. With t power on (and t lock screen showing) it usually takes approx one minute for every percentage point I need to recharge. But, with t power turned off, it only takes about 40 seconds.

    9) Black home screen - this is t very best tq of all. I feel like saying it is worth all t other tqs - all put together. This tq seriously increases TD and decreases TR.

    This tq makes me laugh because it's so simple. You would think it would be t very first thing people would try when they look for ways to improve TD & TR. I just can't imagine how it remained so obscure for so long. But it has.

    Everyone knows t screen is t largest single component that drains t battery. T screen should be t first and most obvious choice when it comes to improving TD & TR.

    I must add that I moved all my icons off my Home Screen and placed them on one or two other (sub-screens) of t Home Screen. Sorry. I don't know what to call these sub-screens. Your Home Screen can actually comprise seven screens. What do you call t other six? Anyway, t idea is to move as many icons as you can off your Home Screen so that it contains as little as possible. Mine only contains one thing - t Applications icon. I can't figure how to get that off t Home Screen.

    Change t Home Screen color to solid black. Black is t one color that requires t least amount of energy. In fact, I think it requires zero energy. But, how do you accomplish this? How do you arrange for t screen color to be black? There are several ways that have been published. But I had trouble with getting most of them to work. However I figured out one on my own.

    Here it is: Just go into a small room where you can control t lighting (like your bathroom) and turn off t lights. Then, take a snapshot of t dark room (make sure is is pitch black) and then label t picture "Black Room" or something like that! Then, you make that picture your wallpaper. Of course you must know where t camera icon is so you can tap it without turning t lights back on.

    Then, you just set that picture as your wallpaper for your Home Screen (or maybe both Home Screen and Lock Screen) and you're all done.

    After doing this, my battery charges so much faster and depletes so much slower. I usually start with my battery at 100% every day. Eight hours later, it's at 40%. Well, today, eight hours later, it was at 90%. Isn't that fabulous? I hope you will try this and enjoy it.

    P.S. If you can't find any room where you can turn off all the lights, you can always try to wrap your phone in a towel or something like that and then take a snapshot. I've never tried this. But I think it should work just as well.
    06-23-2015 03:44 AM

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