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    I recently got the S4. Right out of the box I was having issues with it dropping my wifi network, regardless of what network/strength of the network. I have the "smart network switch" and "keep wifi on during sleep" settings set to prevent this, but was still having problems.

    I sent it in to Samsung for possible repairs and they found nothing wrong with it. I recently found the solution - I had to access the service mode and turn the "Wifi Power Save" mode off. Since then I have had no problems with it dropping my wifi network. But I have been experiencing more battery drain than I would like. Even with it remaining idle it seems to eat through battery. I can get about 12 hours out of it, but that's with only a little use. Any more would be pushing it.

    Just curious if anyone has a different work around for my wifi problem, given the solution that I have found in turning the wifi power saver mode off...

    06-12-2015 03:02 PM
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    There are several well known techniques to increase the battery's depletion time - by that I mean the time it takes for the battery to deplete - to go from 100% down to 0%. There is a well known name for this. But I don't know what it is. Can anyone please tell me the correct name for this?

    Anyway, I will list 8 techniques here and for t remainder of this post, I will use t following abbreviations: 1) TR-time it takes to recharge t battery | 2) TD-time it takes to deplete t battery | 3) tq-technique

    But I recently discovered a beautiful new technique. It works very well. The last three of these techniques are magnificent. Good luck. The last technique is called "Black Home Screen". Some commonly known tq's include:

    Techniques 1 thru 5 help with TD
    Techniques 6 & 7 help to decrease TR. They don't help increase TD. Technique 8 helps with both.

    1) Power Saving Mode. I was disappointed to learn this does not seem to have a major impact on either of the above times.

    2) Turn t Brightness Level down as much as you can stand it. Use Automatic Brightness if possible. I find Auto Brightness to be quite unpredictable. I can't use it.

    3) Set Screen Timeout as low as convenient. I keep it at 30 seconds.

    4) Turn off Mobile Data and Wi-Fi when not using them because they often download and install stuff in t background without notifying you and that uses t battery. If you get charged for Mobile Data, consider turning it off and using WiFi instead.

    5) Turn off all that sound and vibration stuff when using a keyboard or tapping something because it uses t battery.

    In addition to t above five common tq's, I also use t following three tq's, which I find provide excellent results.

    6) Recharging from Electrical Socket - When recharging my battery, I plug t charger into an electrical socket instead of a USB socket. I find this makes a very serious (and a good) difference. Really big! It seems to cut t recharging time by as much as perhaps one third and I find that to be absolutely wonderful.

    7) Power Off when Recharging - When recharging my phone, I turn t power off (instead of just leaving it on t lock screen). I find this also makes a very big and serious difference.
    With t power on (and t lock screen showing) it usually takes approx one minute for every percentage point I need to recharge. But, with t power turned off,
    it only takes about 40 seconds.

    8) Black home screen - you may think I'm bragging or exaggerating about this tq. But I'm not. Please try this last tq yourself and record t results and then come back here and tell us what you find. Please?

    I haven't recorded anything yet. I'm really just too excited about this black screen. But, I hope to hear from some of you and I hope you will get the same excellent results that I did.

    OK. Well, now I wish to share with you one of t best and most amazing tq's I've ever tried. This tq helps both times. It will reduce t time it takes to recharge and it will also lengthen t time before your battery needs to be recharged. I found this tq listed in a rather obscure magazine. But it will remain obscure no more! At least, not to me. After publishing this tq, I will examine this magazine from now on because I'm thinking it must be truly wonderful! This tq is a wonder and it makes me laugh because it is just so simple. You would think that people would guess this tq and it might be the very first thing they ever tried. I just can't imagine how this tq remained so obscure for so long.

    How could this tq ever get overlooked? It is so simple and so obvious when you think about it. It is really just amazing! I should have thought of this a long time ago. I should have thought of this right at t outset of t search for tqs to cut t time it takes to recharge a battery. But, let me just tell you what it is now. You prob know that your screen is likely t largest component that makes use of t battery. When searching for ways to reduce t time it takes to cut battery consumption, t first and most obvious choice should be your screen.

    There were some changes made to t battery screen in t latest version of t OS. And one way to reduce t battery's energy consumption is to change t color of display screen. Change it to black! Why not? That is t one color that requires t least amount of energy. But, how do you accomplish that? How do you arrange for t screen color to be black? There are several ways that have been published. But I had trouble with most of them - with getting most of them to work. I figured out one on my own.

    Surprisingly, it's not very difficult at all. In fact, it's so easy that I'd guess you might well laugh when you think about it. Here it is: Just go into a small room where you can control t lighting (like your bathroom) and turn off t lights. That's all it takes. Can you believe that? Well, that is t answer. That is what you need to do and t rest is just easy! I'm guessing that right now many of you might be thinking, "Oh, come on! Surely there must be more to it than that! But no! That is just about all it takes to make it work. After turning out t lights, you just take a snapshot of t darkened room and then you label t picture "Black Room" or something like that! Then, you make that picture your wallpaper. Eazy Peazy!

    Then? Well ... you just set that picture as your wallpaper for your phone and ... Boom! You're home free! That's about all you need to do! I haven't taken any serious measurements or calculated any percentages yet. I just got so happy and excited to see t results that I felt an overwhelming need to come here and tell you about it. I hope someone here will take t time to do some serious measurements and I really hope that I have not made a mistake and told you this info which is mistaken. T battery charged so much faster, I was just overwhelmed. Try it! You'll love it!
    06-19-2015 06:35 PM

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