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    Hi guys,

    I've searched around for this problem here and elsewhere, but I can't seem to find the same issue, given the same set of operating conditions. I'm kind of at my wit's end. I'll describe my problem and the solutions I have already undertaken in as much detail as possible.

    In short, I've downloaded apps from the Google Play store and installed them. I believe (but am not certain) that most of the apps showed up in the Apps drawer upon install. Several of them no longer appear there or anywhere else on the phone eg Androidlost (ironic), Onavo, etc . However, they do appear as downloaded and installed in the Google Play store. The store will not let me reinstall or uninstall the apps. Neither will the phone, as no reference to the apps is available.

    Phone Specs:
    Samsung Galaxy S4 mini - GT-i9195
    Android Version 4.2.2
    Baseband Version i9195XXUAMF5
    kernel version 3.4.0-870901
    se.infra@SEP-132 #1 JUNE 13TH
    BUILD NUMBER - JDQ39.i9195xxuamf5

    Carrier: T-mobile prepaid monthly ($30 unlimited data/txt; 100min call)
    No microSD card is in device
    Running Nova Launcher Prime
    Running latest Samsung software -> updated manually

    Here is a list of the 'remedies' I have attempted to administer:

    Restarted the phone multiple times in the process of trying the below actions

    While running Nova Launcher Prime:
    • Checked I was running latest version (updated)
    • Restarted Nova Launcher - missing apps did not appear
    • Looked for apps and widgets in App Drawer -> missing apps did not appear
    • In Manage Apps Section downloaded/running/all -> missing apps did not appear
    • reset App Preferences -> nothing happened
    • Uninstall apps setting -> missing apps did not appear
    • New Apps setting in launcher prime settings -> played around -> nothing happened
    • Went to 'Hide Apps' settings -> unchecked a few Samsung stock apps
    • Went to 'Play Store' settings -> messed around there with no results.
    • Ran Easy Cache Cleaner app -> did not appear in list -> cleared cache anyway -> went to app drawer -> missing apps did not appear
    • Press/hold home button. -> selected pie graphic:
    • selected Storage tab -> 3gb left
    • selected RAM tab -> cleared it
    • selected Downloads tab to try and uninstall apps from there -> missing apps did not appear
    • selected Active Apps tab -> cleared all

  2. Switched to Touchwiz format (just once):
    • Looked for apps in drawer -> missing apps did not appear
    • Selected Manage Apps downloaded/running/all -> missing apps did not appear
    • Uninstall Apps -> missing apps did not appear
    • Recent Apps button -> removed all recent apps from list -> restarted
    • Used native search feature to search phone for respective apps -> nor reference to missing apps anywhere

    Went to Google Play Store:
    • Looked in My Apps section -> all apps, including missing apps, appear as installed (with green check mark). Cannot seem to uninstall from the play store though -> I click on the app, the green box says 'installed'. There are no trash icons or uninstall buttons. Click on green 'installed' button -> brings up permissions, a cancel button, and a grayed out 'install' button that is unclickable.
    • Looked in 'All Orders' section in my account -> all apps appear as ordered, including missing apps. Cannot uninstall from this section either
    • Looked in Wishlist section -> same sort of deal as 'My Apps' search above
    • Cannot reinstall or uninstall apps in any fashion it seems?
    • Searched for a find-missing-apps or a search-for-apps in the Play Store, but didn't come up with much.

    What should I do now?
    • Wipe my phone? Anyway to keep Nova Prime settings while doing this? Or does this defeat the purpose of the wipe?
    • Reinstall Touchwiz only? Nova Prime (I assume I won't have to pay again)? Or put on CyanogenMod?
    • Try to find alternative apps to the missing ones (kinda lame)?
    • Go to 'My Accounts' section on phone and hit either:
      ->Samsung account: backup/restore
    • Remove all certificates? Not really sure what that does.
    • Anyway to uninstall Android apps directly from Google Play store? I've read some things about 'trash' icons, but they appear to be gone.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. I realize its a bit long, but I figured more detail was preferable, so no one offers solutions which I've already tried. Cheers.