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    Please please help me, I have got an s4 mini and am trying to get link my sky email account. I have had no joy. I've been down to phone shop and they can't do it, I called sky and they said Should have bought an I phone, he's what I do?
    I click on my email and enter my email and password, it checks incoming server settings then comes up with a box saying Setup could not finish, Authentication failed. I click on edit details and then manual set up, email and user name are the same, I put my password in,
    IMAP server has IMAP.tools.sky.com in
    Security type has SSL in
    port is 993
    IMAP path prefix is optional
    I click done and it comes up with same message Authentication failed.

    I have important emails I need to get but this bloody phone argggghh please someone help me.
    10-01-2013 10:48 AM

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