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    Hi all
    I have a samsung s4 mini dual sim phone.

    I've realised that at times, maybe 10 times a day my contacts don't seem to appear at all and is as if I have no contacts at all.

    This then cause my messages list to just show the phone numbers rather then he name of the person who sent me a text, and at times when I receive a phone call a phone call only the number appears and not the name of the person calling.
    Then about 1 minute into the call the name appears against the number.

    There seems to be a huge delay in my contacts appearing.
    Yes I do have 2000 contacts which are installed on the device... not synced with Google or samsung!

    Does anybody know why this is so.
    I use the phone alot. At times when most needed and I need to respond to a call and can't get to my contact... Its really frustrating.

    Would anybody think it's due to the enormous amount of contacts or would it be a hardware issue?

    I use to have a blackberry and iPhone with the same amount of contacts but it never had this issue.

    Phone is only 2 weeks old and the seller is happy to swap it over or give a refund bit I can't afford to be without a phone for longer then an hour due to using it intensely for work.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


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    10-07-2013 08:20 PM

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