1. benoitm's Avatar
    I'm new to Android phones...and long-time user of Outlook (2010)
    I sync my Outlook calendar "locally" (not via the cloud) to my phone with MyPhoneExplorer.
    I noticed that all my Outlook appointments were faithfully copied to the phone, including their individual color (set using Outlook categories)
    But I failed to find a way to edit these color or categories in S Planner.
    Could it be that there is no UI for this property ? (and that event colors are visible but non-editable in S Planner) ?
    10-22-2013 04:39 AM
  2. Tilla von Saeuliamt's Avatar
    I have a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. When synchronizing two ways Outlook 2010 calendar with My Phone Explorer, all categories' colors were lost in Outlook. All appointments looked alike. Furthermore, I couldn't change the categories anymore in Outlook. It seems that the Categories file was partly uploaded to Outlook.
    When I open an appointment in Outlook, its color definition is kept, but it does not appear in a specific color.
    How can I restore the initial values?
    02-18-2014 11:24 AM
  3. Shelter7's Avatar
    Unfortunately, it`s the eternal competition between brands, Outlook stands for Microsoft and Google has its own apps in this area. Although I loved Outlook, I gave up and start working with the bunch of apps you find on GoogleDrive
    02-18-2014 12:56 PM

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