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    Hi guys,

    I use google's voice search with my bluetooth headset to make calls with voice commands. I longpress the button on my bluetooth headset and the voice search starts (after installing "voice command" from play store. Before that even this didn't work) and I can call a contact by speaking into the headset's mic. However, it only works when my screen is unlocked. When I try to longpress the headset button while the screen is locked and turned off (I am not even using a pattern or PIN to unlock, just swipe), it's impossible to call. I still hear that specific sound in my ear which indicates, that voice search is ready to listen to my command. But after I say the command, nothing happens. The screen doesn't wake up, it stays black all the time. When I unlock my screen, I see that voice search is open, but it doesn't notify any speech nor does it perform any actions.

    This really sucks, because the purpose of voice dialing is not to have to use your phone to call somebody.

    I have spent hours searching on the web and installing several apps trying to solve this problem, but nothing worked so far. I have read many threads where PIN or pattern lock was blocking the voice dialing, but it worked fine with swipe. In my case however it doesn't even work with swipe.

    Please help me people, I am really frustrated!

    Looking forward to any suggestions
    11-21-2013 07:55 AM

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