1. benanarama's Avatar
    I am a bit annoyed at how the S4's phone app is behaving and I am not sure if this is normal or if something's wrong with my device.

    Here's the problem: After each phone call I make I get the lock screen and need to enter my PIN. This doesn't make any sense to me.

    Here's how my phone is set up precisely: In "My Device/Lock Screen" it says: "Screen will be locked in 1 minute after screen automatically turns off". In the phone settings, the option "Turn off screen during calls" is not activated.

    What is even weirder is that if I activate the option "Turn off screen during calls" the behavior described above only happens if the other person ends the call. If I end it myself, the lock screen doesn't appear.

    Edit: I just found this post relating to the Samsung S3, where one guy has the same problem:

    So it seems I am not the only one. It's strange though that some people claim that they don't get the lock screen after calls.
    12-05-2013 03:24 PM
  2. sonicbluemustang's Avatar
    I use to use an app called On Call End which would give me the op to have it either go Home or Dialer or other. Not sure if it will work for u but its worth a try.
    12-06-2013 02:48 PM
  3. benanarama's Avatar
    Yeah I did try that app but it doesn't appear to be doing anything on my phone. I guess I just have to get used to this weird "feature" of Android. What the developers were thinking is beyond me though...
    12-07-2013 07:38 AM
  4. 99stevek's Avatar
    Was this issue resolved?

    As I have the same
    12-11-2013 07:40 AM
  5. e-gadget-guy's Avatar
    anyone?? anyone??

    on call end seems to solve the problem... so far.
    02-26-2014 09:48 PM
  6. tolgyesi's Avatar
    I too have this issue. A call typically comes when I am driving using google or waze nav and immediately darkens the screen. At the end the power button wakes it up so I can end the call but then it is locked. The company mandates 5 digit pin to unlock the phone, which is a ... in thick traffic when I would need the nav.
    Sometimes even the sim card is locked and I have to restart the phone.
    I tried On Call End and various car mode apps without success.

    The phone is an S4 mini with T-Mobile in Europe.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-09-2014 04:43 AM
  7. nori_nori's Avatar
    Up to now, every Samsung I've had, does this. It's an inbuilt feature, it's nothing to do with settings, contracts, rooting, corporate security or pin/password/pattern. It's infuriating, makes no sense, and totally inconvenient. Primarily it happens when you don't end the call, the other person hangs up, or you're cut off. The proximity detector, turning the screen off, guarantees a lock, every time. I've been trying to find a solution for years, now. I've tried 'on call end', it doesn't work. I've tried 'stay on', and similar, they don't work. I'd love a solution, as I dread calls now.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-16-2014 03:54 AM
  8. wheresmynokia's Avatar
    I am having the same problem on my Nexus 5 (now on Lollipop, but with the exact same issue). While some have recommended On Call End, that app hasn't worked for me. My pin locking is forced to the phone by a corporate policy, so that may be why On Call End works for some but not for me.

    This is a big problem when driving. When I end a call and need to call someone else, I have to pick up my phone and re-enter a pin.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    11-18-2014 04:26 PM
  9. Santosh Verma1's Avatar
    I got good result just by changing time in Setting "Automatically lock" ...if it is less than average talk time, then phone will be locked even during call. I increased time to 10 minutes & no issue with short time calls.

    Hope this will help.
    04-07-2015 02:47 AM

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