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    Okay. Let me outline this as clearly as I can because research on this has been a headache.
    Two days ago Google Play Store's homepage just stopped loading. Period. The search function would still work, but the home page always spat out a connection time out error, regardless of whether it was wifi, LTE or 3G. Cleared the cache. Did not work. Time and date was fine. Uninstalled and reinstalled play store. No change. Did the same with play services apk. Nothing.
    All hell broke loose then. Whenever the phone would boot, a message would appear saying google play services has stopped working. Wonderful.
    It's a rooted mini, but opening the host file revealed that there wasn't even a listing for google's host IP... just localhost, so nothing there was useful. Just for kicks I renamed, moved and even deleted the host text file. Nothing.
    The next day I reluctantly took it to a Sprint store for a hard reset. I'm shocked to report that after 3 wipes, I'm still encountering this issue.
    Oh, and for funsies, they put the update on my phone that contains Knox. I'm so ready to brick this phone it isn't funny. The home page will not load, the search feature works, but trying to download an app causes it to close and right now Knox is blocking anything I can think to do that will fix it.
    Please don't reply with the same four answers that I've read everywhere else.

    Got Knox off and rooted again. Gonna tinker for a bit... would appreciate any ideas anybody has about the play store issue.
    02-22-2014 10:52 AM
  2. Arielle Williams's Avatar
    I'm not entirely sure how but I can download apps now. Homepage to the Play Store still won't load but at this point I'm thinking it's a lost cause.
    02-22-2014 02:47 PM

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