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    i am new to all this.

    I have a Samsung tablet Tab 2.7 (p3113) Wi Fi only according to online specs it has NFC and Bluetooth.

    I am considering upgrading my cellphone with Verizon to a Galaxy S4 MINI with the rebate its only $50 then a 2 year contract (have to live it out or buy it out)

    for that price is that a good smartphone? it will be my first and wouldn't bother normally but the price is right.

    my second question is:

    a) will it give me a GPS capability out of the box or do i need to download an app?

    b) while in the car can i use my 7" tablet to see what the GPS is giving me from the S4 mini once it's set up? In other words i want to use the S4 mini as a full GPS unit but tie the two together in the car so i can view with the larger 7" tablet screen

    Is this possible?
    03-13-2014 04:20 PM

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