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    Yesterday was kind of a bad day for my cellphone. First it fell on the ground, and now the touchscreen is completely broken. Then, in the evening when i was outside it started to rain, and while i closed my pockets, still my phone seems waterdamaged. It bootlooped and i couldn't boot in recovery mode. I dried it with hot air, something i'm not sure about if it was a good thing, then i kept it in rice for 10 hours or so. When i tried to turn it on in the morning it worked, but now every 20 minutes or so my touchscreen stops working, and when i lock my phone and try to unlock it after the screen stopped working, the screen stays black. The only thing that happens is that my buttons light up when i press the lock button. I have to take out the battery after that, and start my phone again, for the same thing to happen after 20 minutes or so. So my question is, does anyone know what exactly is broken with my phone? And secondly, how to fix it?
    04-08-2014 05:37 AM

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