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    If I am using my headphones to listen to MP3s, such as Amazon MP3 or go to youtube to watch music videos and then close the app, my FM Radio kicks on and I am listening to the local radio stations. I check the phone and see no apps running in any of the phones settings.

    The only app I have used or installed with the FM tuning is NextRadio. So I went to the application manager to force stop that app and waited a few minutes but that did not work at all either. I have to unplug the headphones and finally it stops. The only thing I can think is there is some sort of android service program that runs to work with FM tuner of the phone that is kicking on or is always on. Does anyone know?

    Since I am here, I have two other quick questions.
    1. if I periodically do the factory reset on the phone, does that clear everything and reinstall the OS back to the same condition as when I bought the phone? I have installed and uninstalled quite a few apps and was thinking I could just reset the phone every 3 months and reinstall just what I use to keep the phone working well and update the OS if there is an update.

    2. Do apps that use notifications (I have theScore app that sends notifications about sports scores) drain the battery much if the app is not actually running but I am getting notifications? How do the notifications work (i.e. are they managed outside the phone from some sort of server from the app company or are they managed within the phone app pinging a server for updates)?

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    04-09-2014 09:30 AM

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