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    Hi all,

    Just purchased a Verizon S4 Mini, my first smartphone, enjoying it but have a couple questions.

    I see that there are 400+ news stories about Android 4.3 from Nov-Dec announcing it will be released to the S4 Mini and only forum chatter about it screwing peoples phones and that Verizon pulled the new version from distribution. What is the real story? Will it ever be fixed and re-released?

    Reason I ask is I would like to get a Galaxy Gear watch thingy, and apparently you need 4.3 for it to work. Although some of the things supposedly in 4.3 are on my phone (KNOX for example) so I was wondering what else was enabled with 4.2.2. Will the Gear work with my phone at present?

    After I got the phone, noticed how flimsy it looked. So I decided on getting an Otter Box, examined the Defender side-by-side with the Commuter. Did not like the Defender, too bulky. So I got the Commuter, but of course it does not come with a belt holster. I prefer to carry my phone in my pocket, but I want the option to carry it on my belt. The case that came from Verizon is too small to hold the phone with the Otter Box on it.

    Does anyone know of a holster that the Commuter S4 Mini will fit in? FYI the exterior dimensions are 5.1 x 2.7 x 0.6".


    05-04-2014 02:59 PM

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